Be a Man of Prayer

A lot is happening around us today. Coping with all the activity and sorting one's life could prove difficult. The only foolproof to cushioning yourself from the "commotion" in the world is by having a personal relationship with your maker. Hardships come, trials and tribulations visit every now and again. But those who have hinged their lives on the one and only Creator have found it a refuge nowhere else found.

A relationship with your Creator is established through communication and communion with Him. It is cemented by your taking time to talk to Him and pouring out your heart to Him. Being a man of prayer entails acknowledging and yielding yourself to God. When you are a man of prayer, you a powerful man. For all the power that men seek comes from on high. It does not come from the worthless pursuits which men waste time in. Prayer is a powerful tool for victory. I have come to discover that not much can I achieve without prayer.

When you pray you augment your finite power and spirit with the Infinite Power and Spirit. You align yourself with your destiny when you pray. For prayer yields results. Sometimes in a day, weeks or even years. Yet when the results manifests as reality your life is never the same. You are transformed in every way. Your way of thinking is never the same. When you become a man of prayer the hand of God becomes evident on your life. You begin to stand out in everything you do. Excellence becomes second nature. In fact His favor and grace starts manifesting in your life. Even those who thought you were a right off begin to realize they were wrong.

When you become a man of prayer it is difficult to lack. Prosperity becomes a part of you. God is a prosperous God and when you spend ample time with him is it not obvious that He will tell you secrets that no one else knows. Secrets of what business to start, when and when to start. This is called revelation. This revelation or "inside information" becomes your guide to walking towards your destiny. When you become a man of prayer you become a man of influence and significance because your tongue will be spewing forth wisdom. Wisdom from on high will be given you to lead and execute affairs on earth with excellence. Wisdom becomes your portion when you become a man of prayer. Look at many a great man in history and you will discover one common thing about them- they were men of prayer. Nothing beats prayer.

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