Decorative Window Hardware – Style, Size and Function

Decorative Window Hardware is as crucial to draperies as jewels are to a gorgeous gown. Select a scrawny pole and it looks shoddy. Opt for a fussy finial and it takes away from the draperies. Want to get your windows nominated to the best dressed list? You do not have to be an expert, just follow this simplified approach.

Style – Consider the style of your room and the draperies themselves and then do not veer to far off course. If you have simple draperies or sheers, then select window hardware that is clean and modest. Small details are fine. If your draperies are luxurious, silk organza, then opt for hardware with more intricate details and finishes.

Size – The higher your ceilings and the longer the draperies, the larger in scale your hardware should be. Metal poles are typically available in diameters up to 1.75 inches. But wood poles are available 3″+ diameters; so they are a good choice when dealing with high ceilings. Remember that the further the hardware is from your eye, the smaller it will look.

Function – Are you draperies panels going to stay stationery at the sides of your window or do you want to open and close them? When panels remain stationery you do not have to worry about wear and tear. When they are operable, you still have many options, but there are some points you want to consider for ease of operation and long-lasting use:

· If you choose wood hardware, stick with wood rings. Same goes for metal.

· Wood rings slide more smoothly on a fluted pole than on a plain pole.

· Hardware with a smooth finish is easier to operate.

· Choose a pole length that is about 6″ wider than your window on each side. It gives the window treatment substance and your window will appear larger.

· Tiebacks or hold backs are a perfect complement to eye-catching hardware.

· Rings are often the most expensive element because you need so many. Draperies with a tab top or rod pocket are an economic alternative.

So take your time, assess your situation, consider your options and discover the magic of Decorative Window Hardware!

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