How To Get Girls In Bed By Mastering Your Day Game

The day game is a whole different approach to how to get girls in bed. Most seduction guides focus on picking up girls in bars or clubs at night, but the daytime can be just as effective. But you’ve got to know that there are some major differences.

One of the biggest differences is that women at clubs are usually in groups. You may find a girl alone, but usually they’re in packs. To master your day game, you need to work on your one-on-one interaction skills.

This has a few good benefits. You don’t have to worry about getting her away from her friends. In some ways, this is easier. It’s just a different approach that you have to take in order to be successful.

Another difference is that the energy level is lower. You also don’t have the help of that favorite social lubricant alcohol. Girls that you meet at night are going to be a little bit tipsy, either on alcohol or some other kinds of substances. During the day, you’re going to see more of her “real” self, and this means a drop in energy level of about 30 percent.

One more difference is the idea of a legitimate time constraints. A girl at a party or bar is planning on staying there a while. Girls out during the day are not going to be staying; they’ve got to get back to work, or they have other plans. There is much lesson reason for them to sit somewhere for hours talking to you.

One good thing about meeting girls during the day is that your chances of meeting a real quality girl are much higher. You’re more likely to meet a hot med student at Starbucks or the mall than at a bar at 2:00 am.

Another thing working for you is that there’s no stigma. Basically, she’s totally not expecting to be picked up, so her defenses are down. It’s not a situation where she’s thinking, “This guy’s trying to pick up on me.”

So you’ve got a more relaxed, more real version of the girl at the club. But there are also some things that make it difficult. For one thing, most guys are a little more nervous working during the daytime. There also might not be as many available women as there are at the club. The club is basically a setting designed perfectly for pick-ups.

The day game is well worth mastering. It’s great to know how to get girls in bed at 3:00 in the afternoon, as well as at 3:00 in the morning.

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