Computer Hardware Course – The Advantages of Taking It

Computer hardware courses are an excellent way to learn how to manage the inevitable computer failures that you will encounter as you find yourself depending on your computer more and more everyday. While you do have the option of taking your computer to the service center it can cost you a lot of time and money. Your computer hardware course is invaluable for helping you understand the hardware requirements for your computer that will be enable you to jump to the rescue instead of trudging along to the repair shop.

It does not take an engineer or a technician to be successful in learning about computer hardware. If you are interested in engineering or technician positions however, a background in computer hardware can make you a far more valuable person in your field and can enhance your employability tremendously.

To troubleshoot your computer you can do very well with a simple computer hardware course. You can become your own specialist and forgo spending the money on an IT specialist.

The time invested in a computer hardware study program will pay off quickly when things go wrong. But, this is not the only reason taking a computer hardware course would be a good plan.

Not only will you be able to fix your computer, but you will have the knowledge to build a computer from scratch. The cost of computer parts is often far less expensive than buying a pre-made package. You will also be able to customize your computer so that it is perfectly designed for your needs.

By avoiding the cost of labor from the computer store you will have a far less expensive computer that is perfect for you. You will also no longer need to worry about taking your computer in for repairs as you will know just how to fix what goes wrong.

Computer knowledge is in high demand no matter what career you are involved in. With the information you learn in a computer hardware course you will be able to take on an IT position. Such positions are in high demand as a limited number of people have the knowledge to take on an IT role.

The time needed to take a computer hardware course is well worth the investment. Learning about software and programming can only make you even better with your computer goals. If you are limited in time, not to worry. Many courses are available online or on CD for you to do at home.

Take some time to discover exactly what will be covered in your course. The computer technology field is huge, so you will need to focus. You will never be able to learn everything about computer hardware in a single course. It takes a lifetime of study to learn, and with technology constantly changing you will need to continually work on keeping your knowledge up to date. A computer hardware course will bring you a chance to get ahead of the game and keep up with your own computer.

Louis Zhang, computerhardwarecourseit dot com

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Hygiene – Where Have You Been?

Life expectancy rates have always interested me. We read about Biblical figures living well past 100, and yet most Europeans seem to have died quite young. Part of these averages were brought down by the many women who died in childbirth, and deadly diseases which swept through villages, wiping out entire populations. But what eventually made the difference in elevating longevity rates was, quite simply, hygiene.

In medieval Europe, early Christian leaders declared bathing to be non-spiritual. Fortunately, this belief was limited to small regions and was short-lived. With the collapse of the Roman Empire, the popularity and knowledge of bathing and sanitation were on the rise. (After all, wasn’t cleanliness next to godliness?) During the “Dark Ages” primitive soap making became an established trade. And the Roman baths and unique aqua duct systems were legendary.

Across the pond, many of the British royalty were known for their not-so-healthy lifestyles, which might include wearing the same clothes for months on end, and even sleeping in them. (No wonder leprosy was so rampant.) It is noted that King James VI of Scotland, who reigned during the mid-sixteenth century, was famous for wearing the same hat until it literally fell apart. And word was that he never bathed, believing it was bad for his health. (Pity poor Mrs. James VI.) Early Americans slept with closed windows at night, believing that disease drifted in on the night air. Ignorance of germs and cleanliness contributed greatly to poor health, especially tuberculosis and smallpox.

In the mid-nineteenth century, a very observant physician theorized that women who were assisted by medical students during childbirth had a high likelihood of dying. His theory proved accurate when the students were required to wash their hands prior to midwifery. After just a few months, death rates dropped dramatically. It seems many of the med students came to assist births directly from performing autopsies. With the discovery of bacteria, hand washing took on a new importance and helped reduce the spread of germs and viruses.

About the same time in England, cholera epidemics were raging. A Dr. John Snow believed that cholera was spread primarily via contaminated water, brought on by lack of sanitation and sewage disposal. A few improvements in his part of London had dramatic results, and happily the epidemics soon departed. Other cities began to follow suit, and disease in highly populated areas declined significantly.

Amusingly, the first flushing toilet is attributed to the appropriately named Thomas Crapper in 1861. While his involvement in the invention is often debated, he clearly understood the mechanics and made significant contributions to the modern septic tank system, which pumped dirty water out of buildings and sent it on its way. This vastly improved the primitive sewage and waste systems (or lack of) in London, which set a precedent for other cities with similar problems, along with reducing the need for chamber pots.

In the 1920’s, the introduction of a disinfectant named Lysol was incredibly first sold as a genital cleanser for women and possible birth control device (don’t even go there). Lysol advertised a list of benefits for every female need and was actually used for such purposes until 1960. The fact that Lysol was and remains a caustic poison which can cause skin burns and intense itching apparently didn’t deter women from applying it to their skin, not to mention delicate tissues. Nor did it deter the advertisers from promoting it for gynecological purposes for over 30 years. Fortunately, now it is (hopefully) limited to household and commercial cleaning. Ouch.

It is almost inconceivable to imagine life without our modern conveniences and cleanliness standards. The things we take for granted, like hot and cold running water, washing machines and daily bathing, are only recent inventions. From the caveman up until the twentieth century, hygiene was pretty much absent in most people’s lives. Happily, we now honor its importance. Long life, my fellow Americans.

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How Do You Make Your Harley Davidson Look And Feel Like An Extension Of Yourself!

How do you make your Harley Davidson look and feel like an extension of yourself!

Do you think maybe it’s time to do a little customizing for that old girl of yours? Ask yourself this first.

Why do we customize and add accessories to our Harley?

Well, for me it’s simple!

We want to stand out above all else! The last thing we want is to look like every Tom, Dick, and Harry out there on the road!

You may have different reasons. You may want to add an Accessory to your bike because it fits with you and your taste.

There is an element of being practical as well. If you install a nice chrome luggage rack on your back fender, or a detachable windshield, it not only looks good but it also serves a purpose. How else would you carry your tent and keep bugs out of your teeth?

Not everyone has the same taste in customizing. Thank God for that, or it sure would be boring taking a walk down on main street in Sturgis South Dakota during the 1st week of August.

Some people go overboard on customizing their bike. Overboard for someone may be a masterpiece for someone else. It all depends on who you are and what you’re about.

How do you pick out a Harley Davidson Accessory or decide on customizing?

It’s a hard question to answer.

I would suggest that you decide on what you want out of your bike. Sit back and have a look at yourself. What kind of biker are you anyway?

Are you a speed demon that likes to lay rubber on the road every now and then. Do you get a kick out of doing a little showing off at bike rallies to friends and family? Do you like to participate in show and shine contests?

If you are this person you may want to look at getting your engine rebuilt for increased horsepower. You can’t go wrong with a lot of Harley chrome either. Just when you think you have had enough of chrome, you find some more in that catalog.

Don’t worry, there is a chrome Harley Davidson motorcycle built to date.

Your style may be a little more subdued. Your main motorcycling purpose in life may be ride the road and not waste time with anything else. You would have to agree, most people still want to look good riding a Harley.

If you are this person you may only want one or two Accessories. A nice luggage bag that slips over that backrest on your bike looks good when you are on a long trip and it serves a purpose.

Every Harley Davidson owner at some time or another has thought about adding an accessory to his or her motorcycle. You rarely see a stock Harley Davidson!

Keep in mind the kind of person you are when making Harley Davidson Accessory choices. A properly customized Harley is above all else, an extension of the owner who rides it.

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6 Tips to Use Job Boards For a Nursing Job Search

Are you looking for a nursing job? Given below are some tips to use this method to look for the jobs that you desire.

Search Aggregators

Before job aggregators, job boards had got a lot of problems. And one of the problems was that you could end up in a rabbit hole looking for different jobs on different sites. Nowadays, you can get everything in one place.

For instance, you can look for jobs indexed on Monster, HealthECareers, CareerBuilder, and HealthJobsNationwide, just to name a few. These platforms will save you plenty of time over the long haul.

Register on The Job Boards

Nowadays, the majority of job boards let you upload resumes. So, we suggest that you sign up on these job boards. The jobs may be duplicated, but your efforts won’t be duplicated.

Actually, job boards offer recruitment services through back-end apps. With their recruitment subscriptions, recruiters can look into their databases for potential candidates. Moreover, some apps provide sophisticated tools that assist recruiters in screening potential candidates.

Create a Job Search Email Address

You may get tons of spam emails when you sign up with different career services of job boards. Aside from this, your contact details may get sold again and again. In case of job boards, the moderators of job boards won’t even let their customers access your information on the site. So, we suggest that you create a Gmail account in order to prevent unwanted emails from falling into your inbox.

Create a Job Search Telephone Number

Once you have created a Gmail account, you will be able to create a Google Voice account for free of charge. This service allows you to choose a phone number so you can forward the calls to your number. If you are unavailable, the caller will be able to leave their message on our phone. Moreover, Google Voice can transcribe your message into text. If you set up your phone number, you won’t receive unwanted calls or messages.

Check Craigslist

While Craigslist is old, many jobs still get posted on this site. As a matter of fact, this site offers cheaper rates compared to other job boards. Moreover, the site gets tons of traffic. This is the reason it has become a great means of job search for job seekers.

Check out the American Hospital Directory

This service contains lots of data and statistics on more than 6000 hospitals across the globe. Actually, they collect information from lots of private and public sources. Moreover, they charge their clients and the clients may include medical device manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies for getting access to their content.

As a matter of fact, their service is ideal for nurses that are looking for nursing jobs in local hospitals.

So, If you have been looking for a nursing job, we suggest that you check out the job boards given above. They will help you look for your desired jobs in the area.

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Moving Your Fish Tank Decorations To A Different Tank

There will come a time when you may need to move your fish tank decorations to a different aquarium. This could be for a variety of reasons, for example because the number of fish that you have has outgrown your current tank, or it could be that someone had given you some second hand aquarium decor that you would like to use. For whatever reason it is, you would need to follow some rules to ensure that the fish tank decor is safe to be used in your new tank.

Why All The Fuss About Transferring Aquarium Decor

Can’t we just remove the fish tank ornaments from one tank and just drop it into the other? Why is there such a fuss or need to have proper preparation? The main reason is microbes.

You see, your fish tank decor has been soaking in the tank water for a very long time. Even with the best cleaning schedule, these ornaments are perfect surfaces for breeding bacteria and fungus. This is especially true for tank accessories that have detailed carvings and rough surfaces. The cracks and gaps between the details make it very hard to properly clean and will allow the perfect hideaway for these microbes.

Taking out the decoration from the old tank and putting it into the new one without any preparation will cause these microorganisms to be transferred into the new tank. With the conditions in the new tank being just right, it will cause a bacterial bloom that will be very unhealthy for your fish.

Furthermore, if you have new fish in the new aquarium that has not been accustomed to the microbes from the old tank, they will definitely fall ill and die. So preparation is necessary when transferring the aquarium decor.

But bacteria isn’t the only worry here. There are also snails. While it is fairly easy to spot a snail sitting on one of the ornaments when you remove it from the water, their eggs are almost invisible to the naked eye. Without proper preparation, you would be introducing these snail eggs to the new tank and once they take hold of the tank, they are really hard to eliminate.

How To Properly Transfer Aquarium Ornaments

It really isn’t that hard to transfer tank decor the right way. The key idea here is to properly sanitize the accessories and ensure there are no microbial transference. Here’s what you need to do is steps:

  1. Remove the item from the old tank and give it a good rinse. You do this to dislodge any larger debris from it so that we can properly clean it later.
  2. Using a soft tooth brush, give the decor a good scrub. Keep in mind that the cracks and details of the ornament are ideal places for microbe colonies so give them a good scrub. Dip the decor in plain water from time to time to get rid of the stuff you scrubbed off. Do not use any form of soap or detergent for this, plain water is good enough. Soap and detergent will leave a chemical residue no matter how well you wash the item and this might poison the water later.
  3. After you have completely scrubbed the item, give it a final good rinse in plain water. Then air dry the items in bright sunlight. This is something I have always practiced each time I wash my tank decor. Sunlight has UV rays that will kill off any microorganisms that might still be on the ornament. Leave the in the sunlight for an hour or two.

Your fish tank decorations are now ready to be replaced into the new aquarium.

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The Minimum You Need to Know About Java on OpenVMS – Book Review

The Minimum You Need to Know About Java on OpenVMS

By Roland Hughes

ISBN 0-9770866-1-5

Stop right there. If you haven’t read Roland Hughes’ first book in this series, “The Minimum You Need to Know to be an OpenVMS Application Developer” you’ll need to do so. Think of it as the prerequisite of a college course. Now, you are ready for the second book, “The Minimum You Need to Know About Java on OpenVMS.” Why two books? Java wasn’t covered so thoroughly in the first. Believe me; you’ll be glad you have both.

The concept of this book is “how to convert your existing core business application to use Java, yet still preserve your investment in the most stable platform on earth.” In other words, Hughes shows programmers how to create all the tools you need to make Java a usable language on OpenVMS. Java is an object-oriented programming language somewhat similar to C and C++ but really very different. Hughes goes into great comparison. Java has classes, but has a unique class called an Array with no defined constructor. This means values can be stored anywhere and in no specific order. You’re going to learn to build the tools you need to build the tools you want. Pretty simple, right?

As in the first book, Hughes uses the same application to demonstrate each new tool, in this book, using Java with FMS and RDB. He shows how to develop a generic class that will be usable by Indexed Files, also how to use JNI to access RMS, FMS, system services, and operating system provided libraries. Programmers learn to create an infrastructure MMS Procedure and how to use the supporting classes the procedure creates. Hughes also shows how to access RDB via the JDBC driver, demonstrating the importance of SQL. An accompanying CD-ROM contains the Class source.

This isn’t just flat textbook reading though. Hughes uses humor and casual language to engage his readers. He comfortably refers to things like geek books and nerd attitude. He knows that this work is on the intense side of life. The information within the book is very professionally presented, with detailed analysis and explanations, troubleshooting and error experiencing tips, and exercise quizzes that test your knowledge. You have to know these things!

The final chapter examines the future of IT and the choices you make going into it. So you want to be a computer programmer huh? Are you sure? Don’t listen to your guidance counselor without reading this book (and the first) first. Triple digit hourly rates, six figure salaries…maybe not. Downsizing, layoffs, feast or famine? Maybe so. When looking for sage advice on IT, go to the guru, Roland Hughes.

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The Meaning Of Quality In Health Care

The process of receiving health care services at the correct time in the appropriate way and to get the best possible outcome is defined as quality health care.

Six attributes of health care quality

• Safety – Care should not harm any patient.

• Patient centered – Individual needs should be taken care of when providing care.

• Timely – Care should be provided exactly on time.

• Effective – Care must be based on evidence.

• Efficient – Wastage of time should be reduced.

• Equitable – Equal care should be provided to every patient.

What is quality health care?

The meaning of quality health care is not the same for all people. According to some patients, quality care is to consult a doctor, to get proper treatment from the staffs of a hospital and to have a physician who can spend much time with the patient. But all these things are secondary. Clinical quality of care is the most important thing because more lives can be saved by providing evidence-based and high quality care.

Does quality equal safety?

Yes, quality equals safety. The quality of care is to be improved by the health care providers because it can save more lives of the patients.

How is health care quality measured?

Outcome indicators and process indicators are the two ways of measuring quality of care. Timelines and baseline practices are measured by process indicators. Complication rates, mortality rates and infection rates are measured by outcome indicators.

These indicators can be looked at by the consumer to compare the hospitals. National accreditations, recognitions and state of the hospital should also be looked at by you to measure quality.

What are quality measures and quality indicators?

The process of converting the medical information of a patient into percentage or rate to analyze the quality of care provided by the hospitals to their patients is called a quality measure. You will be given information by quality measures about how the patients are provided care by the hospital. This quality information can be used by you to compare the quality care of different hospitals.

What role do nurses and doctors play?

A very important role is played by the doctors and nurses. Quality care should be provided by all the nurses and physicians, clinically and satisfactorily. All the staffs in a hospital such as the receptionist, scrub nurse, hospital administrator, physician and the X-ray technician are responsible in providing quality care to all the patients.

Remember all these features when you will go to get quality health care from any hospital.

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Weight Loss And Periodization Programs

Periodization programs of all kinds have become the defacto approach to sports training for strength and speed. Problems can arise when combining a typical weight loss diet with a periodization program. At all times, you want to ensure that the body can manage the stress placed on it while still letting you lose weight and make athletic gains.

The typical weight loss program restricts overall calories and most today restrict total carbohydrates as well. The idea is to manage the blood sugar response by controlling the release of insulin. This has proven to be an effective form of diet for everyone from bodybuilders to stay at home moms.

Periodization programs recognize that it is impossible to always be making gains in strength or speed or overall endurance. Traditional weight lifting programs talk about doing 3 sets of 10 reps per exercise and then trying to increase the weight from workout to workout. If you were to increase the weight used 5 pounds per workout and exercise 3 times a week, that would be over 500 pounds of increase! This is clearly not possible.

A typical periodization program splits the calendar into phases such as “recovery”, “strength”, “endurance”, and “maintain”. The idea is that within a phase you focus your workouts on a specific type of training. If there is a competition or goal you are working toward, the phases and calendar are adjusted so that you peak right before the event.

You do not want to be on a weight loss program for 12 weeks and in the middle of a 10 week periodization phase for maximum strength. Your body will be stressed too much and this will hinder, not help, your weight loss efforts. Training for maximum strength requires adequate carbohydrate and protein intake and actually works against your fat loss efforts.

Periodization phases do not have to last months though. The length for a phase can be shorted to even a day! This form of periodization program is called “undulating periodization” and has you working out 3 days a week typically with a different focus on each workout. One day focuses on strength, another on speed, and another on endurance.

This type of periodization program is perfect for melting fat when combined with adequate protein intake (at least 1 gram per pounds of lean body mass) and healthy carbs. The advantage of this approach to weightloss and periodization is that this program has the body emphasizing a different part each workout.

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Important Manufacturing Metrics That Help in Increasing Efficiency

We may say a thousand things about business, but ultimately, business is a sheer number game. Essentially, everything in a business is decided by profit and loss numbers. Revenue generated, orders fulfilled and other such data have great importance in business. Some key performance indicators become the guiding metrics for a business. Correct assessment of those metrics is very important for running a business successfully.

Manufacturing is one of the most crucial parts of a business. However, it is also a part riddled with the biggest challenges. Achieving Manufacturing Efficiency is the toughest part of this. It involves too many players and gets easily affected. Manufacturing Processes are generally complex and heavily rely on other processes too. Unplanned downtime or inefficiency even in one process will bring down the performance of the complete unit. Therefore, one Manufacturing Metric cannot cover it all. From Manufacturing Downtime Tracking to monitoring OEE, everything is important.

Improving these Manufacturing Metrics can increase the profitability of the complete process. However, too many metrics can take away the focus from the main concept. So, for the ease of understanding, we will be discussing only the most important metrics here.

Key Metrics for Measuring Manufacturing Efficiency


Manufacturing Cycle Time

This is the base metric for most of the calculations in a manufacturing unit. It measures the ideal manufacturing time of any product from the beginning to the end. If you are able to reduce this time then your plant will outperform. If you maintain it then you will remain consistent, but if this time increases your process will become inefficient.


This Manufacturing Metric tells the average production capacity of any machine or process. It is important to note that it is an average and not the peak ability. Hence, if the throughput of any plant or machinery goes down all of s sudden then it can mean some serious problems. It is easy to measure and assess. You can never ignore this metric.

Capacity Utilization

We always want to perform our best but when working in a team that’s not possible all the time. Some Manufacturing Processes outshine whereas others underperform. Capacity utilization is the metric to measure the percentage difference between the potential output capacity and current output capacity of the complete process. This important metrics brings out the inefficiency in the process.

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

This is a globally recognized gold standard Manufacturing Metric for assessing quality, speed, and availability. The higher the percentage of OEE in your plant, the more efficient your process will be. A better OEE score will make your Manufacturing Process more reliable and profitable.



Rework has always been one of the biggest enemies of profit, time and reliability. Yet, every process produces some defective goods that require reworking. Yield measures the percentage of products produced correctly as per the specifications in the very first attempt.

Customer Rejects

This is a measure of the failure of your process in manufacturing standard products and it comes directly from the customers. The higher the number of customer rejects, the greater your loss of profit and credibility in the market will be.


Percentage Planned vs emergency maintenance work orders

Maintenance is a critical activity in any Manufacturing Process. Machines that work will face damage and routine wear and tear. Planned maintenance helps in keeping them in shape and getting great efficiency and reliability. However, in spite of the best efforts machines can still break down all of a sudden and cause panic and chaos. But, such incidents shouldn’t be a regular scenario as then the maintenance costs can escalate multiple times. One of the most important maintenance matrics is the ratio between the planned and unplanned maintenance. The higher the difference the better your profits will be. Measuring Manufacturing Downtime and Equipment Tracking can help you in lowering such instances.

Availability Ratio

It is a simple metric showing the availability of assets. It is calculated by deducting the downtime from planned production time of any process or machinery. You will get the actual availability. It is important for assessing the potential of your plant as well as finding ways for increasing efficiency.

These Manufacturing Metrics help you in finding the key areas to work on in your plant. If you look closely you can find the missing pieces of the puzzle through these metrics which will help you in reaping higher profits.

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Does Home Insurance Protect Against Skunk’s Smell?

The frigid temps of winter have got us shivering even if we do layer on the outerwear. The one saving grace of this awfully suffering climate is the sanctuary called home.

Ah, home, every man’s castle, where each one of us can take comfort from the freeze of this brutal season!

Considering the above, imagine one family’s grief upon returning home from work during a particular cold spell. The welcoming they encountered when arriving at the doorstep was not as welcoming as they would have liked. A horrid odor accosted their nostrils: the unmistaken putrid stink of a skunk.

Holding their noses, the family members attempted to locate any sign of black fur with a white strip running through it. No visible sign – thankfully – of the dreaded species. But the undeniable powerful reek of a skunk’s spray was there – everywhere – in every nook and cranny – on all three levels of the structure!

Braving the cold again, the threesome entered their car and drove to the local supermarket to purchase any form of sweet smells that would cover and/or eliminate the stench.

The reality did not allow anyone with a healthy sense of smell to remain in that ‘castle’ for long. After strategically spraying the anti-bad-smell around, the family spent the night at a neighbors’ home. The next morning, they entered their house with a good dose of trepidation. Fortunately, the smell had mitigated immensely.

When Mom pulled open the kitchen shade and let out a loud gasp, all knew the reason. Gathering around the window, the family members surveyed the pitiful sight of a dead skunk on their lawn.

Dad called the animal control department to remove it. And fortunately, the smell dissipated more and more.

The one lingering thought was, “What if the odor could not be contained? What if it would have contaminated house, and all contents therein, rendering them unusable and home unlivable? Would the homeowners insurance kick in to help?”

Here is what the insurance industry says about skunk damages.

As per the standard policy, you will be covered for any damages resulting from a wild animal. What fits under that particular classification? Well, not a mouse or rat. These are called rodents. But, yes, a skunk would fit the definition of a wild animal.

So, in an uncomplicated one-time event of a skunk damaging property – an incident that the homeowner would not have been able to prevent – the policyholder’s submitted related claim would most likely be honored and processed.

Naturally, not every occurrence is a ‘black and white episode’ (pun intended!) so it’s best to consult with a knowledgeable independent agent about your coverage and how it pertains to the likelihood of a wild event like the aforementioned!

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