Create Your Own App for the Apple iStore

Apple iPhone users are loyal there is no doubt about it. Once you have tasted the Apple there is no going back. Why do we love theses mobile devices so much? Simple because of their super cool apps. A few years ago creating an app was only possible if you were a computer programmer, however in the last couple of years things have changed dramatically and creating an app is by no means out of the reach of anyone who is willing to learn.

Apple provides the tools, developer’s create the magic.

Developers create living breathing entities that bring to life creativity to their applications and because apps are so versatile they can be personalised to suit your taste. You are only limited by your own imagination as far as creating an app goes. Apple say that their IOS is the world’s most advanced mobile platform, this is great news for developer’s in that the developer knows Apple’s advancement will always support the app.

Apple’s hardware and tools for developers are designed by one company thus making everything work together seamlessly and effortlessly giving the developer more freedom and time to come up with some super cool apps.

When creating an app say for a game the developer will want the game to be as close to reality as possible not only that but a good app can go viral and involve players from all around the world. The good thing about the Apple store is it’s available to Hundreds of Million’s of people.

The earnings potential from creating a good app is huge. As far as submitting your app goes once your app gets approved Apple take care of the majority of the work it’s a sort of set and forget business. If working with Apple is not for you then there are other big players in the mobile industry that are worth taking a look at:

• Android

• BlackBerry

• webOS

• Windows Phone 7 mobile devices

• Flash, HTML5 web apps

Where to get your apps done.

There are plenty of programmers who offer their services for providing mobile apps, You can find them at or all you have to do is come up with a good idea, place your order and wait for the bids to come in. The price of having your app created can vary tremendously so always best to shop around obviously it would be a wise to set a budget beforehand the cheaper and more rewarding alternative is to develop your very own app.

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How to Activate the Covenant Blessings of God

Covenant is a mutual agreement between two persons which is binding on both individuals. in this context, a covenant is an agreement between God and man. It is predicated on certain conditions that must be fulfilled to make it valid.

The fulfillment of these conditions will activate certain blessings from God. How then do one activate these covenant blessings? These and other issues will be highlighted in this article.


The bible is emphatic about the blessing of obedience. God has promised us countless blessings if obey and do what he commands us. Some of the covenant blessings he promised include:

  • God shall make you plenteous in goods
  • The works of our hands shall be blessed
  • You shall not be borrowers, but lenders unto nations
  • Every of your enemy shall be destroyed before your face

One of the keys to activating these covenant blessings is total obedience to God.


This is the ability to remain quiet and avoid the temptation of striving to lift ourselves above others. There are certain covenant blessings that God will not give to a proud person. The test of our readiness to receive these wonderful treasures from God is a function of our humility. Great men who have achieved high level of success in life were humble in spirit and attitude.


If we ask anything from God, it will be given to us provided we are not asking for the wrong reasons. Prayer is a secret to receiving our heart desires from above. If we persistently pray unto our creator from a sincere heart, the answers will eventually come.

One must however ensure that anything that can hinder answers to your prayers have been dealt with, before going to him in supplication.


It is your insight into the truth that determines the extent of the release of his blessings upon your life. The bible declares: “my people are destroyed for lack of Knowledge“. You are still the way you are because you lack the knowledge to activate the covenant blessings of God. If a man is holding the key to a room full of variety of food, he will still die of hunger if he does not know what to do with the key he is holding. Everything we need to succeed in life has already been created for our use all we need is the knowledge to make maximum use of these precious blessings.

Be actively involved in the things of God

When we joyfully engage ourselves in the house of God, doing one thing or the other, he takes delight in us and opens the windows of heaven to pour us riches from above. Waiting for God to move when you are not moving is to remain in perpetual slavery in the midst of abundance. He takes pleasure in what we do to move his kingdom forward.

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Business Processes Equipped to Be Outsourced for High Paybacks

BPO is a communal term to all now, I assume, by now most of us have our hands on it. To whom the concept is not clear yet, in brief, BPO stands for Business process outsourcing, procedure that involves the contracting of the operations and responsibilities of specific functions to a third-party service provider.

The main advantage BPO offers is the way in which it makes an organization flexible in its resource management and reduces response times to major environmental changes. However, its paybacks are known to almost every professional yet they misunderstand its assorted nature & what all areas it can transmute for a profitable outcome. Let's put some light on areas which I came across while exploring BPOs diverse term and who can flourish if company outsources them.

Human Resources

Outsourcing human resources has become an important practice as most companies need HR or personnel services to recruit new staff, implement new procedures, draft employment contracts etc. Because HR legislation is updated regularly and general management might not always be aware of the latest changes, potential legal implications can be expensive. Key HR areas that can benefit are administrational benefits, recruitment, training and personnel development, disciplinary issues.

Finance Accounting

Finance & Accounting function is the most essential fundamental of any enterprise and methods must be followed meticulously. Instead of having in house book-keeping services or doing it themself, many companies are finding the multitude of advantages of outsourced book-keeping operations has. This means the finance team can focus on more strategic issues or areas that are more important to the day-to-day running of the commerce.

Document Management

With Document management being subcontracted, companies can improve their use of data and find documents quicker. Information will be more easily retrievable and stored on a computer system to save physical office space. This management system is held online with the data being held at a third party's premises and accessed via the web. Though, not popular among practices being outsourced but with coming times this could be an asset for every enterprise.

Software development

Many companies subcontract software development now-a-days but are often hesitant to go with a development platform because it's so much cheaper than building an app from scratch. It is also far more productive and effective to have a team of people used as and when required rather than having full time developers on site unless the corporate can really warrant it.

Call Center

Call center being contracted out is the practice of looking for resources outside of an organizational arrangement for all or part of a call center function. An institute outsources because it is cheaper to agreement a third-party than it would be to build its own in-house call center facility and management team. There are two ways to outsource call centers one is Out-bound calls (Telemarketing and Telesales) and other is In-bound calls (Customer Services).

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Coming Out Ahead When Losing Your Ability To Earn An Income

Nobody wants his or her income to be taken away. If we had total control over our future, like a crystal ball, we would never worry about money vaporizing one day. One in three people will lose their ability to earn an income prior to the age of 65. The fact is, we do not know what can or will happen to us. Life can change in a moments notice and your income and your future could dry up really fast. Are you prepared?

If you become too sick or hurt for an extended period of time, how long will your employer keep you on the payroll? After all of your sick days and vacation days, your employer will most likely stop paying you. It’s the facts of life and many avoid thinking about the possibilities.

If you are an owner or key executive of the business, listen up. At some point you will need to replace yourself or your salary in order to keep the business alive. The business will become a squeaky wheel until something is done. Some people are in a position to take a leave of absence from the business and still maintain revenue and income. However, many cannot and need to protect the income; business revenue.

Even some businesses, such as a manufacturer, have employees producing on the assembly line, could still have problems producing at the same level. The team of employees can only produce at the same level with the quality leadership the owner/employer has put in place. All of that will change when you (or quality management) are no longer there to make sure things are running smoothly.

It is common knowledge that illnesses do not discriminate. It can happen to you, your spouse, family members and employees of the company. Or even some injuries can be prevented, however, we are human and accidents do happen. One quick misstep and you are laid up for weeks, or even months.

Your income will dry up real fast. The savings accounts will start to drain and tapping into the retirement account could be costly on taxes and penalties. Savings and retirement accounts now become the source of income until either you go back to work or the money dries up completely.

Disability insurance is one way to protect your income. Most people take out insurance policies to protect what is important to them: Buy a car, you get insurance – 1 in 240 chance of a major accident; Buy a house, you get insurance – 1 in 1200 chance of a total loss; Buy life insurance to replace income from a lost loved one – 1 in 5 result in premature death prior to age 65. For many, their number one asset is their ability to earn a living but they never put insurance on that. With one in three chances of losing your ability to earn an income, it should be a high priority. Why do people avoid it? Simple… The fear of having no income is not great enough until it is too late. You may not have a second chance.

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Use Business Intelligence in Retail Insurance Marketing

Insurance industry serves the risk management needs of all types of organizations, individuals or group of individuals. In doing so, it develops various insurance products meeting various insurance needs and try to provide these products to various individuals or groups. Thus, there are retail markets for insurance products through which insurance companies do significant part of their business.

Understanding the customers or group of customers and approaching them with appropriate products in effective way are critical success factors in retail insurance marketing. Business Intelligence techniques help in doing these.

Business Intelligence techniques are actually mathematical and statistical techniques that are used in business. Analytical techniques have been in use in business for quite long time now. But Business Intelligence techniques differ from them. While using analytical techniques, users have some questions or requirements in mind and they apply the techniques to get the answer to those pre-decided questions. However, in case of Business Intelligence techniques users are not clear about the questions itself. These techniques find valuable hidden patterns in the data that can be used in taking business advantage.

Using these techniques one can cluster the retail customers and formulate marketing strategies suitable for different clusters of customers. Insurance professionals specially working in retail insurance or micro insurance sector know the importance of market segmentation and formulating various strategies based on the segments. By using simple market segmentation techniques Insurers can segment the market based on some criteria pre-decided by them. But, they can not be sure that the criteria selected by them is the best one. Clustering used as part of Business Intelligence Technique mines the data and identifies valuable clusters which otherwise might have been ignored.

Similarly, there may exist various hidden association patterns in the data. It may be that if a set of conditions are met the chance of meeting some other set of conditions are very high. Such patterns can be converted to association rules and used in insurance product design, services packaging, customer relationship management etc.

Business Intelligence techniques, if properly applied in retail Insurance marketing can lead to a situation in which each customer can feel that the insurance policy has been designed keeping his requirements in mind. Customers can get the feeling that they are individually being cared. Insurance companies can design and launch various Insurance products customized to the requirements of various market segments. Any significant change in customer preferences can be quickly identified and Insurance companies can get prepared to handle that.

There are various Business Intelligence tools available as integrated part of the software used by Insurance companies. These tools can be effectively put on use to take the above business advantages.

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Whatever Happened to the Basic Four Food Groups?

What Ever Happened to the Basic Four

The USDA was originally given the conflicting task of educating the public on agricultural matters while simultaneously working with food producers to provide a reliable and consistent food supply. This has, over the course of time, led to our ever evolving dietary guidelines, and yet is the purpose of these guidelines for our health or to sell more food?

Would You Believe There Were Once 12 Food Groups?

The food guides during the 1930’s were heavily influenced by The Great Depression and at that time included 12 separate groups!

In 1956 the USDA produced the “Basic Four” food guide. The Dairy Industry was so enthusiastic they heavily promoted the plan, and why not; since milk, eggs and butter were suggested as a separate food group, it only made sense that the Dairy Industry would be quite pleased.

In grade school in the 1960s we were taught three square meals a day were what was best, and any other eating was considered a “snack.” What is a snack? Is it extra food when you’re not hungry? Is it something to do when your bored? Is it a social activity (standing around a table laden with food at a party)?

And just what was a square meal? It was based on the “Basic Four Food Groups” as they were defined at that time:

1. Milk

2. Meat

3. Fruit & Vegetables

4. Grains

Four groups, four sides, four square! Neat. Easy. People could “get” this, and that was the point. Make it easy enough for the average person to understand.

In the 1970’s research began making a case that the over consumption of certain foods such as fat, saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium, increased chances for heart disease and diabetes and thereby caused the USDA to attempt to further modify their guidelines.

This was met with scorn, ridicule and very heavy resistance from the meat and dairy industries. They fought tooth-and-nail to keep the guidelines as they were, but to no avail. Eventually we ended up with the Food Pyramid.

Big Foods Wins Again

In 1988 and 1989, the USDA produced the Eating Right Pyramid, emphasizing grains and other plant foods, and de-emphasizing animal products. It was set for approval in 1991. Just prior to it’s scheduled release the meat, dairy, and egg lobbyists finally took notice and heavily attacked the plan due for it’s misrepresentation on their products.

Complaints were made to the Secretary of Agriculture, Edward R. Madigan, that this pyramid would hurt the sales of beef. The National Milk Producers Association joined in the fight, and within weeks the new Eating Right Pyramid was withdrawn. Big food wins again! Secretary Madigan gave as his reason for the withdrawal that the plan was, “confusing to children.”

Next came the protests from the American Cancer Society, the American Medical Association and other health and medical organizations over the withdrawal of the pyramid. In July 1991 a private firm was hired, and charged with the task of testing the pyramid on a select group of children and those with minimal education. The resulting $855,000 study determined the plan was indeed sound, and it was again scheduled for release.

In April 1992 the Eating Right Pyramid was released, one year late due to the 33 changes demanded by the meat and dairy industries, nearly all of which were incorporated into the design.

Keep in mind that the dietary guidelines are a product of the food manufacturers greater needs (selling more product) with a rough balance of the health industry’s attempt to influence public opinion.

The Eating Right Pyramid Attacked by Atkins Diet and Other Low Carb Diets

Today, in the early 2000s, we are again revising the USDA’s recommendations. Formerly heavily leaning toward the consumption of breads and cereals (it never made a point of being specific about grains, but it make sense. The food industry is interested in selling processed grains, not whole grains), it appears we’ll soon move back to the plan of the early 1930s which emphases meat and dairy, or maybe not. Only time will tell who will win the fight this time around. And the cycle continues. What’s up next for our dietary guidelines is anyone’s guess, which is why I suggest the common sense diet.

Eat good food and more of it. End of story.

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Admission Essentials for Different Professions

Admissions into 'A' grade professions like engineering, management, medical and law are not easy. Entrance into each of these study streams, calls for comprehensive preparation and knowledge. One has to first clear the tough entrance exams for each of it as then only one can get admissions into the specific institutes which offer courses in engineering, medical, management, medical or law. Mentioned below are certain essentials which can help one understand the admission processes into each of these courses better. Take a look:

Engineering Admissions

Admission into an engineering college in India would need a student to clear the engineering entrances like IIT, AIEEE etc. All-India Engineering / Architecture Entrance Examination (AIEEE) is hosted by Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) together with Indian Government to offer admissions to the degree level courses in engineering and architecture within central universities, deemed universities, National Institute of Technology, state and union territories except those covered by JEE that is, Joint Entrance examinations and State Level Entrance Examinations. The examination authorities issue syllabus regarding the entrance which has to be followed strictly in order to clear the entrance test.

Management Admissions

Management entrances needs relevant knowledge of the theoretical subjects related to management together with the latest happening in the corporate sector all around the world. There are plenty of institutes offering management courses and subject specific management studies in India as well as abroad. The state run and private institutes in the country are becoming the choice of youngsters these days.CAT, MAT, XAT are some of the entrance tests conducted by the relevant authorities for admissions.

Medical Admissions

The authority that conducts medical entrances in India is the Medical Council of India (MCI). Only those students are offered admissions who get through with the medical entrances conducted by MDI. In fact, it is one government body which is quite strict in terms of the entrance test and the syllabus offered. The medical institutes and colleges are time to time inspected by MCI for quality education and facilities to the students.

Law Admissions

Admission into law seeks the clearance of Common Law Admission Test, that is, CLAT. Law schools are offered to only those students who clear this particular exam. All the students seeking admission in under graduate (LLB) or post graduate (LLM) courses have to appear this particular test first. Admissions are done on the basis of score gained in this test.

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6 Different Models Of Internet Marketing

In my last three articles, I talked about my ups and downs in affiliate marketing, the two sides of that business model and why giving value to people is more important than anything else – including self-belief in your business success. Here, I am going to explain the 6 different models of internet marketing which is quite general by its definition.

1. Affiliate Marketing

The first model is by far the most basic and yet essential for all newbies to get started. That is by promoting other people’s products and services – be it digital or physical – and get paid in return. There are many ways you can go about doing so but that is another topic I will cover for the day.

2. E-Commerce

The second model is e-commerce.

While it may seem similar to promoting physical products as affiliate at first glance, it is not.

What this essentially means is that instead of having a physical store which can cost you tens of thousands in rent, staff and inventory costs, you can have a virtual one in the form of an e-commerce website instead.

In contrary to the traditional model, you do not need to have huge inventory at home.

You just need to have good connections of reliable suppliers who are willing to deliver the products for you to your customers while making sure they are in great condition and exactly what your customers required upon placing orders.

The only con is that building an e-commerce store is very challenging. Especially for a beginner who does not know anything about web design.

Even if you hired a freelancer, you may have to pay hundreds and even thousands of dollars because of the perceived value as in your store can earn you much more than what you invest initially in the long run though you do not get to make that money immediately.

3. Local Business Consulting

If you are already proficient in building websites and getting them ranked on top of Google, you can be a local business consultant to offline business owners whether they are running companies, cafes or shops.

If you are able to get customers throughout other online strategies as well, that will be even better.

However, I do not recommend this to newbies as most business owners are very selective in who to hire the same way as who they should employ in job interviews.

4. Freelancing

You can also do freelance work for internet marketers if you are good in building websites, writing content like articles, blog posts, e-books and short reports, designing banners, e-covers and graphics.

But do not expect to get high pay unless you are an experience programmer and software developer.

You may head down to sites like Elance, Fiverr and Guru to offer your services.

5. Mobile Apps

This is another profession you may consider if you like to learn and earn from designing mobile apps for people.

Given the fact that iPhones are very popular these days and people tend to surf web through those to laptops and desktops, this is another model you should consider.

6. Creating And Selling Your Own Information Products

I did cover this topic briefly in my article on the Two Sides Of Affiliate Marketing Coin.

What this means is you write your e-books and design your own video tutorials teaching people on how to do certain things based on your expertise and experience.

It does not have to be just internet marketing.

It can be other things like smart business investing, wise financial management, personal development and health-related topics.

Or even hobbies based on your personal passion as well as that of others.

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Obedience And Answered Prayer

A great obstacle and hindrance to answered prayer is disobedience to the known will of God.

God has a will, plan and purpose for each and every life. That includes yours and mine. His will is revealed by His written Word, and by His Spirit bearing witness within our hearts, leading, guiding and directing us. If we are to fulfill Divine destiny, we will have to learn His leadership and walk in the light of it.

As it pertains to His Written Will, we must always remember that the Bible, while written by men, is inspired by God. In other words, it is God dictating to those whom He chose, what He wanted them to write, so that we could come to know Him, walk with Him and understand His will for mankind. And after all of these centuries, it is still the number one selling Book of all times. That ought to tell us that there is something to the Scriptures, something supernatural, something dynamic and beyond the natural mind of man.

It is vital therefore that we give heed to His Word and make it a daily part of our lives. It would be very good and beneficial to make some time and read a chapter from the Scriptures each day. You will find, as I have after reading the Bible for over thirty years that God is in the Word. The Bible is God speaking to us, and if you will but read it daily you will have no doubt about it.

The Scriptures cover every area of our lives and shows us what God has to say about our issues, about how we should live and deal with our fellow-man. It reveals how we are to handle our homes and provide for our families. It shows us how to walk in God’s provision and it also is explicit in revealing things which please God and things which do not. The Bible gives us wisdom for living effectively, knowledge for answers that may puzzle us, and understanding for our peace and stability.

And the Bible also gives us assurance of where we will spend eternity after we depart this life, if we live in accordance with the Will of God. Now while we may be discussing how much the Bible and reading it daily will benefit us, we wish to draw attention to the fact that it is important to not just read the Bible, but to apply its wisdom to our daily lives. God did not just give us His Word for us to read and say, “Well, I have read my Bible. Now let me do my own thing.” It does not work that way.

This is especially true when it comes to answers to prayer. You and I cannot walk in disobedience to what we know God expects of us, rebelling against His authority, refusing to do what He says, and still expect Him to answer us when we pray. While God is good and will do all He can for us, His greatest blessings and provision are with those who walk in accordance with His Will.

Did the Scriptures not say, “If you be willing and obedient, you shall eat the good of the land.” (Isaiah 1:19) God wants us to come into agreement with what He has revealed in His Will. And if you and I are to enjoy the experience and absolute bliss of answered prayer over and over again, we will have to line up with what God desires and asks of us.

Obedience to God’s will is not a bad thing. It is always for our benefit. So spend time reading your Bible daily. Get to know God in His Word. Apply what you learn. And when you call upon God, you will find Him right there more than willing to help, strengthen, uphold, provide, keep and bless you.

What about if you miss the mark and mess up? Will God condemn and throw you away. No. He loves you. He simply wants you to confess and admit that you went against His will and ask Him to forgive you. Then ask for His help to do those things which please Him. You will find Him giving you His wisdom and strength to do what is right in His sight.

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The Benefits of Using Financial Analytics for Business

In today’s data-intensive market landscape, analytics plays a significant role in keeping a business agile and competitive. Financial analytics is one key area that enables organizations across industries to truly predict the future of their strategies and goals, and take mindful decisions that can foster their growth.

Better insights into financial efficiency measures, operational KPIs, product/service and customer profitability enable businesses to augment revenues and the value of shareholders. They also help in overcoming any correlated shortcomings and modify their approach to meet their customer’s needs and ensure superior end-user experience.

In this article, you will get to know about some of the key financial analytics that every organization, irrespective of its shape and size, should work with:

Predictive Sales Analytics (PSA): It goes without saying that sales revenue is the backbone of any organization. Thus, implementing strategies to know how much growth your business can expect in the current and following years can have a strategic impact on your business’s bottom-line. Here, predictive sales analytics applications come handy. It enables you to evaluate how effective your forecast is, and also, to augment your sales pipeline in approaching years. Organizations making use of PSA tend to adopt an array of competencies and tactical approaches to gain learning about their customers.

There are two sure-fire ways to estimate sales – comparing past trends with the current and making use of predictive techniques, such as correlation analysis. PSA is considered as a powerful tool for planning and achieving hassle-free workflow by enabling clients’ to manage their respective operations in an effective way.

To put it simply, let us say, you have done predictive analysis and you have figured that in a certain month of a year, your sale may drop. In this case, you can implement new and effective strategies to boost sales for that particular period. Having a clear idea about your sales generation will stop you from falling in panic situations. According to studies, conducted by leading research institutions, forecasting how productive your business will be in the months or the years to come keeps your business abreast of all ifs and buts, giving you a platform to thrive.

Product Profitability Analytics (PPA): To give a strong competition and make the best out of your investments, it is important to contemplate where exactly to invest. In order to calculate the profit, you will need to look at your product and its costs separately, and for sure, this could be a difficult and time-consuming task.

Here, PPA is a top-notch solution that helps determine profit-line on the basis of each product. It enables you to gain quick insights across all your offerings so that you can make an informed decision for your business. For example, if you get to know what products customers demand the most, then you can promote those products strategically.

Customer Profitability Analytics (CPA): Be it a cloud hosting provider, a giant e-commerce platform, or just any business working on the World Wide Web, having a clear data about who your potential customers are is always sage. A fair comparison between profitable and non-profitable clients helps in doubling the revenue generation. Remember, there are two kinds of customers – one that brings value to your organization, and the other one that brings risk to your organization. Extracting this detailed information about the customers will the best complement for your future marketing efforts.

The best thing is this you can do it with the help of CPA as it smoothly enables you to analyze the behavior of customers of both kinds.

Shareholder Value Analytics (SVA): How successful your strategies are will be determined by the interpretation of the final outputs evaluated by media, experts, stakeholders, and shareholders. SVA helps in adjudging the business value on the grounds of what returns a business provides to its stockholders. It also determines the percentage of risk and value delivered to the shareholders. That’s why most of the experts recommended complementing SVA with profit and revenue analytics for better comprehension and execution.

Cash Flow Analytics (CFA): You need fuel to drive your car, don’t you? In the similar context, your business needs capital to operate. Predicting inflow and outflow of capital is important to ensure the health of your business. Herein, CFA and regression analysis tools can help in determining how much capital you may need for future investment. This is not where the CFA benefits end up. Managing cash flow and fostering corporate functions also fall under its responsibilities.

Adding more to it, it always proves sagacious when it comes to right predictions while taking a look at past data.

Value Driver Analytics (VDA): Only planning does not offer desired results. For that, you need to implement your well-researched strategies. On top of it, you should have a positive and pragmatic business approach. A great understanding of economic drifts that can disturb your financial motifs will help you forecast correctly and promptly. Your goals will determine your value and aid you in meeting your strategic business objectives. In connection with this, VDA will help you analyze these strategic business drivers so that the expected outcomes can be achieved. Not to forget, these drivers are majorly based on assumptions, thus needs to be cross-checked.

It is important for CFOs to embrace financial analytics so that they can achieve their organizational goals. Financial analytics provides in-depth and proactive datasets that offer better insight into profit, cost, and market trends, thereby ensuring a rewarding experience for your business.

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