Xbox 360iso – What is an Xbox 360iso and Why Would You Search For One?

What is an XBox 360iso? Let’s start off with it, if you’re reading this then you obviously know what an XBox or XBox 360 is, but an iso is something you might not be as clear on. An iso is technically called an ISO image. It’s an archive file or “disk image” of an optical disc such as a CD or in this case a DVD. On a computer, ISO’s normally are handled with the file extension of .iso. They’re called ISO because of the ISO 9660 filing system that was used for CD’s. Commonly, ISO images can also contain what’s called the UDF file system, a backward-compatible system that works with the ISO 9660 system.

So there you have it, you now know what an .iso file or image is. Now we’ll talk about their relevancy to the XBox 360. All of the games for the 360 can be ripped (or copied from) discs onto PCs or Macs into a file ending in .iso. Then specialized programs can burn those .iso files back onto blank DVD’s where they can be played in what is commonly referred to as a “modded” XBox 360, “modded” being slang for “modified”.

Now the problem with this is that unless you own an original copy of the game, it’s illegal to copy and burn a game. Software piracy is a heavy issue and hurts many people in many ways that are outside the scope of this article. If you came to this page looking for piracy info, you are out of luck. What you CAN do is seek a better alternative, by buying the games you want when they’re on sale or used. There are many places that you can do this online, and you won’t have to resort to something as heinous as piracy. Look up “X-Box-Store” on Google for example and see what that brings you. I hope now you have an understanding of what an XBox 360iso is, good luck and enjoy your gaming!

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